Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back behind the lens

Today was Steve's birthday, but it wasn't such a great day for me. The morning was taken up with phone calls and resulting jobs to do - a new piano student for next term, a Stampin' Up! order to make - and then I took a meal to a family from church with a new baby.

Last week I was feeling completely inspired by this clever lady's ideas, but when the time came this morning I was happy to provide a nice chicken and corn loaf, with potatoes cut and drizzled with olive oil, salt and rosemary ready to go into the oven tonight, some green beans and some bake-at-home rolls. I seem to be making quite a few meals for church families these days, and I'd really like to get better at it so it's not a big deal for me and so that the meals I give are more complete, and .... maybe one day ... beautifully presented too ...

About lunchtime I started to have a bad headache and back pain, so the rest of the afternoon was kind of a painful blur. But around 6.00pm I started feeling more normal, which was great, because Steve soon came home, we gave him presents and headed out for a nice dinner at a local restaurant.

Not such great-looking decor in the restaurant from this angle!

I loved my Beef Eye Fillet with Potato Mash, Sauteed Vegetables and Peppercorn Jus. Steve had a Triple Meat dish with chicken, lamb and beef, Greek salad and chips (hey, you only have a birthday once a year!). The girls had a kids meal, and as usual didn't finish the pizzas because they weren't the same as the ones we make at home! Then Steve and I finished up with some yummy but filling Caramel Cheesecake.

The older the girls get, the more fun it is to go out to dinner - phew!

The most exciting thing that happened for me today was that we received our new camera, a replacement for the one stolen last weekend. So I took lots of photos this evening!

Our living room while the girls watch I Dream of Jeannie
(excuse the mess)

Trying a peppermint tea cure for my headache. after I tried the heat cure, the ibuprofen cure, the chocolate cure, the Dencorub cure and the sleep cure. Between them all, something worked! My new favourite mug from KMart.

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