Saturday, April 3, 2010

Royal Easter Show

On Thursday the girls and I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We hadn't been for years, and had a wonderful day.

Laura was performing at the Show with her school band, so Emily and I, with Grandma and Grandad, travelled in by bus and met her at the performance. They performed brilliantly for a band which has only been together for 1 term! Laura is sitting right in front of the conductor, playing flute.

(All photos were taken with my phone, so some of them are not great, sorry!)

We sampled lots of yummy delicacies, saw cows, pigs, alpacas, lots of horses for Laura (including "Noddy the World's Tallest Horse"), ducklings, deer, goats, donkeys and more.

The girls bought, stuffed and dressed their own teddy bears, and I couldn't leave a certain monkey sitting unloved at the Show ...

At lunchtime we saw the incredible (but ridiculous) Robosaurus breathing fire and squashing cars.

One of the most popular pastimes at the Show is looking at the Cake Decorating competition entries. This was probably my favourite:

A pool and BBQ scene by Joanne Ong, complete with miniature food and thousands of cut-out pieces of grass! Very cute!

I took photos of quilts I particularly liked, but it's hard to photograph through the glass and unfortunately I didn't photograph the names of the clever creators. These were my 2 favourite quilts:

I loved the colours and modern fabrics on this one ...

... and this one had sweet homey embroideries on the white hexagons.

The girls went on a log boat ride and we bought showbags.
As it got dark we sat in the main arena and watched a rodeo, trick riding and stunt driving before we headed home, lugging our treasures, and arrived home at 10.00pm.
A perfect show day!

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