Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Western Adventure: Part 2 - O'Connell

After leaving Lithgow and the Zig Zag Railway, we drove to O'Connell, about 20 minutes from Bathurst. O'Connell is a tiny historic village surrounded by farms.

We stayed at Warego Cottage, which we loved. It was so peaceful staying on a farm.

Lovely neutrals with beautiful pastel artworks by the owner.

Simple kitchen

Comfortable bedrooms

Living room view

Exploring the farm

We walked to the creek

A perfect end to the first day of our holiday.

Dinner was in the old pub, dated 1865, and was delicious.
The dining room had a logfire and old English plates above the picture rails.
We sat and ate, feeling as if we had just alighted from a Cobb & Co. coach in the 1800s.

Although we probably wouldn't have been eating Mexican Chicken Schnitzels if that was the case ...

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