Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today a treelopper came to the door to offer his services. Before I knew it I had agreed for him to remove a tree, which turned out to be a privet (a noxious weed here). This tree has been dying for a long time anyway, and has been a nuisance.

Above you can see the tree, beyond the trampoline, and below, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can see the 'after' photo.

well, something like that. It was late by the time they left, so I didn't get a proper photo. But now sun shines on the trampoline and the clothesline will hopefully get more sun. Lovely for winter. Not so good for summer though ... but it had to be done.

And then ... he asked about the palm trees behind our house. You can see them in this photo from last April:

The previous owners planted palm trees, two rows of two varieties. One row went when we extended the house a little. We never liked them, they don't really go with the house and the leaves are dropping from higher and higher and are very heavy, I was afraid someone might be hurt one day. So ... they went too.

Eleven trees gone in one day! I should be horrified, but I'm not. (well I am horrified at how much it all cost, but not at the trees going!) I love a tree in its rightful place, but not in the wrong place. Fortunately our property is surrounded by many beautiful eucalypts, and we still have some trees of our own!

On the plus side, now the front garden is opened up a lot more and maybe one day we can have a beautiful new corner of our garden which I have wanted for years. Our veges and clothesline will have more sun all year ... so ... all good, really!

And for anyone who was wondering ... Laura tried her first ballet lesson this afternoon.
She loved it.