Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Days

I thought this was a good thought:

I need to learn to keep a quiet heart. To trust that if God has allowed an interruption in my day, it serves a purpose. To believe that the time to finish what work I thought needed to be done will be given. To accept that he is diverting me from my "plan " to his greater plan.

- Karen Ehman in A Life That Says Welcome


Anonymous said...

I really love this and it has uplifted my heart as the last few days have been topsyturvy. Are you reading the book that this quotation is taken from?
Warmly, Naomi from Lithgow

Fiona said...

Hi Naomi, Yes I have been reading this book, it is one of my favourites on hospitality and opening one's home (I have a few on the topic, more than one would expect, perhaps, considering that I am not so hospitable as I should be).
Incidentally, we just drove through Lithgow today on our way home from holidays.
Thanks for visiting my blog :-)