Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Western Adventure: Part 3 - Jenolan Caves

From O'Connell we headed off one day to Jenolan Caves, about 1.5 hours drive south, through Oberon. The terrain changed dramatically throughout the drive - from hilly farmland, to conifer forest, to bush, to rainforest. It was a chilly day - the temperature didn't rise above 4 deg C and it was raining when we came out of the caves, then we drove through thick fog on the way home. But I can't remember Jenolan Caves ever being dry, it always seems to be raining there!

We first took the self-tour with audio commentary to the Devil's Coachhouse (above)
and Nettle Cave, and then took the guided tour of the Temple of Baal Cave.

There were so many amazing formations in the cave. Quite incredible.

They call this shawl formation the Angel's Wing and it is 9 metres from top to bottom but so fine that light can shine through it. Of course it looks much more impressive in real life!

Jenolan Caves has been a tourist destination since the mid 1800s, the buildings are very 1900-1920s and haven't changed much since then.

We all enjoyed the Caves very much. Afterwards we went to Oberon and visited the local handcrafts shop and a funny big empty coffee shop for afternoon tea.

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