Friday, September 10, 2010

From the Garden

Things were getting a bit stressful indoors, so I headed outside before dark to pick some flowers from the front garden.

The wind was blowing a gale, but the sun was shining.

I put the freesias in a thrifted yellow jug on the pedestal wear I keep some of my favourite vintage china, the lovely sandwich plate was my Gran's. This is a spot between two windows in our living room.

They look gorgeous in the lamplight.

I think freesias must be my favourite flowers.
(or did I once say that about daisies?)

They were scattered in amongst other plants throughout the garden, I left plenty growing to cheer passers-by.

This spring we have three types of daisy, yellow, pink and blue, lots of lavender, eriostemon, wallflower, and pentas, in addition to the freesias peeking out everywhere.

So pretty for a little posy in the bathroom.

After picking the flowers, then finding jugs and spots for my two posies, I felt much better.

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barbara said...

Hello Fiona,
Thank you for visiting my blog, hope your day is lovely ..

ps the idea of dressing up in Jane Austen clothes is so appealing!