Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My last chance to play,

before school holidays start next week,

and a different type of playing begins.

Tidying up the study ...

... which had a makeover earlier this year

and has still not appeared in its entirety here on my blog.

It's a difficult room to photograph, being very dark on the south side of the house,

and filled with instruments, piano students and the like ...

But here are some snippets.

Above, a thrifted white dish, with a little nest Laura found in our front garden,

and a sweet silver-coloured bird from Bed, Bath & Table.

(A bird theme seems to have developed in this room ...)

And every time I go to my local op shop I find another white urn to add to my collection.

So now I've started to be a bit choosy with my urns,
I actually left one at the shop the other day ...

These all sit on the white bookcase, for sheet music, that I had made to put under the window.

Our Banksia Rose (which grows on the lattice on our front verandah) is flowering,
so when I came across this sheet music it seemed appropriate to pick some.

It has been raining here this morning, can you see the raindrops?

(and now are you humming "a few of my favourite things ...." ?)

But it's not really the Last Rose of Summer here,
more The First Rose of Spring

The roses are a much more buttery yellow in real life ...

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Hill upon Hill said...

Oh my, it looks so nice.