Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunshine inside

Today is another dull, grey, Thursday, like last week.
At least today there is some rain to show for it.

But I have my own sunshine inside!

My thoughtful neighbour dropped in the other day with a floral arrangement she was given, but can't keep in her house any longer. So she thought we might like to enjoy it!

And we do!

Lovely bright lilies and more roses!

.... and some cool stuff I'm itching to play with after the flowers are no more!

Yesterday there was sunshine outside and inside, and Jacqui gave me a wonderful birthday gift of a lunch out together. We went to the national park and ate fish and chips (me) and chicken schnitzel(Jacqui) and sweet goodies in the sunshine, by the water, with encouraging conversation as our main sustaining dish!

When I arrived home, there was a parcel on the doorstep!
(which, now I think of it, is becoming a common occurrence these days ...)

Anyway... a surprise birthday present from a sister-in-law, I received her present last week but she forgot to include this:

Woohoo! A set of crochet hooks!
I was so excited!

Looking forward to making some very fine lacy crochet with the very fine hooks,

and some more yarn-y goodness with the larger ones.

A lovely gift.

I am completely spoiled!

And that's not all ...

this morning I bought this book with a voucher I was given:

The Kitchen Linens Book

Website here.
Haven't had time to read it yet, but it's full of delicious pictures of vintage linens, which I love, and some iron-on transfers to embroider myself.

When I got home I refrained from reading it (till I have a little more time) and instead looked at
the Country Homes & Interiors magazine I was also given for my birthday ... some inspiration for summer.

Flowers ... pretty pictures ... craft projects in mind ...

... yep, I'm one happy cookie.


Ruthykins said...

wow! that's some set of crochet hooks! what an awesome gift!

Hill upon Hill said...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself!