Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fan-Forced Summer Day

Opening the front door and being hit by the westerly this afternoon is like opening the door of a fan-forced oven.

Only without the cake.

But fortunately (speaking of cake) we have been enjoying these sweet cupcakes that Emily made on Sunday, while Laura and a friend played with Polly Pockets, having a mini pool party.

Emily makes a great cupcake, and cleans up, too!
(well, better than she used to, anyway ...)

When I drove Laura home from school the car thermometer measured 39 deg, and it's still almost that hot now at 5.15pm.

I'm now going through paperwork from last year, and making frequent trips to the recycling bin, bracing myself each time for the burst of heat on my face, and feeling very thankful for airconditioning within.

Each time I step outside the house I remember that three days ago our neighbour saw a snake slither under the fence from our side to theirs.

Right near our carport.
To under their car.

Trying not to think about it.

But then at bedtime these days I'm reading the No 1 Ladies Detective books and finding that snakes appear every few chapters.

Mma Ramotswe's advice is to tread heavily (easy for her, she is a woman of traditional build) ...

so ... no tippy-toeing around here from me.

It was a green snake, and apparently that's good.

But trying not to think about it.

See how quickly my mind jumped from cake to snake?

Not thinking about it at all ....

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