Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Chocolate, how I miss you ....

Oh Chocolate, how I miss you.

Ever since I had to give you up (almost entirely) late last year I have been thinking of you.

When I see you in the distance I have to remind myself to keep away from you, to be strong.

How I would love to sit with you, on the sofa after lunch, with a cup of tea.

Or even to spend time with you and my friends.

Before Christmas I thought I would pine away without you

... my weight plummeted.

But after Christmas I lost my energy and enthusiasm for life without you

... I sat on the sofa for hours at a time

... knowing that others were enjoying you instead of me

... turning into a couch potato, my skirts became tight again.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of you, a taste even ...

(made by Emily)

... while I eat a choc chip cookie.

I enjoy the slightest reminder of the lost pleasure of being with you.

I've tried to find other loves,

but nothing takes your place.

Once or twice I have given in completely,

and indulged in forbidden pleasure.

But it is not the same.

The joy is gone

and tasting you becomes a calculated affair

to be indulged only on certain days

and fraught with fear of the consequences.

But I know that in an instant I could be with you again

... everywhere I look reminds me of you

... I have so much of you around me still.

Sometimes I forget that you are gone from my life,

I reach out for you ... and then remember.

But I shall be strong,

... knowing that being without you is for the best.

And knowing also that the previously unthinkable life without you

is actually possible,

after all.


Tatum said...

Hi there!

I don't quite know why you had to give up chocolate but it makes me sad for you! Just reading your post and seeing all of the yummy pictures makes me want to indulge in chocolate. Your post was very well written.

Thanks also, for visiting my blog and for your kind words regarding my stencil. I have never done it before that time, but I'm thinking about trying it again! The outcome was so rewarding.

Have a great day!

Fiona said...

Thanks for visiting, Tatum! (and for your sympathy!) You should definitely try some more stenciling!