Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morning Tea with Mum

Sometimes a girl just needs to get out with Mum.
Sometimes Mum just needs to get out with a girl.

So ... sometimes ... we do.

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, Laura and I took a train trip to an exotic destination, filled with Chinese dragons, drums, foreign costumes, dancers, strange foods and amazing sights.

And we were still back home for lunch!

I didn't have a camera with me, so I didn't capture the exotic sights, but I did take a few photos with my phone of the things we particularly enjoyed.

A tower of Valentines Day cupcakes

A heart made of woollen pom poms!
(such a cool idea!)

A girl's dream come true


- serve-yourself lollies.

And I bought myself (oops, I mean our house) some things too,
which I'll show you soon.

We also bought 3 cute cardigans for we three girls, Laura put hers on straight away!

We had a wonderful time, and truly felt like we'd visited another country

(I obviously don't get out much!
Plus it was Chinese New Year so lots of wonderful Chinese things were happening!)

Then, after four days stuck at home this week with Laura

I thought it was time for Emily and I to enjoy morning tea together.

So we headed out to our favourite local coffee shop.

Where the crockery is vintage and mis-matched

The decor is cute and changing all the time

The music is straight out of the 1940s-60s

And you feel like you're in someone's comfy home.

Not a great photo, on the phone again, and the light behind, but this was our morning tea.
(and I love how my girls dress up so cute for our "date"!)

Tea & Charlotte Slice
Vanilla Milkshake & a Melting Moment.

Next time I want to try a Chai Milkshake
or a Pumpkin Milkshake
or an Iced Green Tea.

Afterwards we visited the secondhand bookshop.

Not so exotic as my trip with Laura,
but still good fun.

Morning tea with Mum.

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