Sunday, May 22, 2011

All Creatures Great & Small ...

More photos from our holiday in April ...

... the animals outside our back door.

Laura loved being with the donkeys and ponies ...

The donkeys were more easy-going for patting and feeding.

The alpacas were stand-offish

but we loved the way they looked up and stared at us so intently when we walked by.

What's not to love about a black-faced sheep?

And the chooks you have already met.

We loved the ducks,

(especially the white ones
who only took a step if all their friends were taking one too)

but didn't get any good photos.

Other (unphotographed) animal sightings on the holiday included

a wombat, a lyrebird, cows and geese,

... and glow worms (which were amazing).

Steve has just wandered by and described this post as "very bucolic".
And what's wrong with that, I ask?
Although I prefer the word 'pastoral' to 'bucolic'.
It sounds more like a movement from a Beethoven symphony,
and less like a disease ...

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