Monday, May 23, 2011

Bundanoon to Kiama

After 4 nights at Bundanoon we headed east,

swapping countryside for coast.

But we didn't get very far before we saw a vintage car club so we stopped to admire the cars.
(were these your friends, Jacqui? Or another group?)

After a little op-shopping at Moss Vale, and lunch at Robertson, we descended to Jamberoo, and discovered that the temperature there was about 5 degrees warmer than what we had been shivering to the previous five days in Bundanoon.

We searched and found for the grave of my great-great-great-grandfather,
who fought at the Battle of Waterloo, and later settled in Australia.

We arrived at Kiama shortly before the afternoon closed in with dark clouds.

This was the view from our holidays house - pretty cool!
Shame about that roof, but do you see the rainbow?

It was so lovely to see grass, cows, trains and sea all from the one spot!

Before dark we headed out to the Blowhole.

Which reminded me of childhood holidays.

... always tricky to take the photo at the right instant though ....

I do love lighthouses.
By now it was blowing a gale and we almost had trouble walking!

We made it back home just before torrential rain hit.

Fortunately we had a little food with us because it was just too heavy to go out,
and it poured all night!

I don't think I've ever known such heavy rain to last so long.

It stayed wet and grey for our weekend at Kiama, but we still enjoyed our stay.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Sorry that I did not see this earlier. I think that they were in fact part of the Veteran's car group that we later caught up with in Berrima.

I am moved by the gravestone of a relative from so many years ago.