Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Craft Stall : Knitted Coathangers

The last few weeks I've been busy preparing crafts for our Craft School at our school's Autumn Fair this Saturday.

Someone donated a bag full of wooden hangers so I've been busy knitting covers for them.

My favourites are the purple with crocheted flowers.

I quite like the colours in these ones.

but put your sunglasses on for these kid's hangers:

... saved, I'm hoping, by the butterflies?

Nylon is horrible to knit with but does make a practical non-slip, non-fuzz hanger, and it's quick to knit up because it is fatter than yarn. I need to make a few more of these in the next few days, if I can.

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Hill upon Hill said...

... and now we can enjoy some of them.