Saturday, May 21, 2011

Full of Life

Photo taken on Mothers Day

It's been a full few weeks.

Since the school fete & Mothers Day two weeks ago ...

I've still had craft stall stuff piled up in the living room

I've had an interview to allow me to get back into teaching

I've accompanied a flute exam

The girls have both had sick days

I've been sick with a cold


we've signed a contract to add a storey onto our house!
(More on that later!)

A few days ago I felt so sick and miserable and lethargic with my cold that I doubted I would ever do anything again buy sit on the sofa (and knit a nice cardigan, that's another post!)

But a few days later, I'm bursting with energy and things are starting to go more smoothly.

Today we had a great day, we worked together (and separately) and achieved a lot:

Tidied the living room before the architect visited

Baked a chocolate coconut slice

Tidied the front yard

A few loads of washing

Fresh sheets on all the beds (thankyou Steve!)

Instruments practised

Bath cleaned

School assignment begun

Homemade Pizzas and Apple Pie

Went for a walk

Tidied the candle cupboard
(yes, I have a candle cupboard)

Tidied the dresser

I got rid of all the junk and added a little Swedish striped cloth I bought at the craft stall

We had a beautiful sunny 23deg Autumn day, and I think that helped a lot.

We've been trying to teach the girls that work is a good thing, and can be fun, and I think today we all felt some of that, and a few rewards along the way helped reinforce the idea.

I hope we have plenty more Saturdays like today!

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