Monday, September 12, 2011

Food - don't waste it.

On my kitchen bench: 
A poster dating back to 1915.
Found on the internet and printed out on A4 card.
The perfect size for a vintage frame that belonged to my Gran.

buy it with thought
plenty of that going on here - still on elimination diet
& avoiding all harmful additives

cook it with care
I am doing my best with the limited and expensive ingredients I have
trying not to burn anything, especially!
But sometimes it's hard when using unfamiliar ingredients

use less wheat and meat
currently I am on a gluten-free diet ... so no wheat for me.
Lately I've heard so many stories of people who are just 
feeling so much healthier by cutting out wheat or gluten.
As for the meat:
Emily is a vegetarian, and as a family we have been 
eating less meat in the last 18mths.
Beans are a great substitute for meat.
My current diet eliminates many vegetables, 
which makes vegetarian eating more tricky,
so we have had a little more meat lately.
Previously we were all eating a vegetarian meal 
about 3 nights a week,
and three of us had meat the other 4 nights.

buy local foods
when I can, I buy from our local markets on a Thursday,
but it's not always possible ...

serve just enough
I find this one very tricky!
The girls are fussy eaters so we don't serve them much at all
but even then it often is not eaten.
On this diet I can't keep leftovers in the fridge,
they have to be frozen.
Sometimes I am guilty of piling it onto the plate 
just to save dealing with the leftovers!

use what is left
don't worry - I mostly keep leftovers!
Every Tupperware container I own is filled to capacity
at present, my freezer has a high turnover.
I don't throw out good food!

It's interesting, isn't it, that these directives from the US govt 
almost a century ago apply so well to us today?

* * * 

Today I've tried my first gluten-free loaf in the breadmaker, using a packet mix.
I manually set the breadmaker to rise and bake the dough,
but had to finish it off in the oven.
A little more experimentation required!

And finally, a photo of my cute new casserole and mortar and pestle,
birthday gifts from Steve.
I love to have a mini casserole to microwave vegetables for dinner.

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