Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Spacesuit for a Dog, and Other Things

Among other things, 
this week has included the construction
of a spacesuit for a dog.

Rana, the Border Collie
member of Australian Border Collies in Space
graciously cooperated in Emily's science assignment:
constructing a space suit suitable for visiting Mars -
the ultimate part of a term-long series of science projects.

The helmet: constructed using papier mache and fabric.

Rana will be comfortable in his heat-and cool-resistant layers;
breathing apparatus; paw grips; tail-operated location device and more;
and stylish with personalised logos.

There were times during the planning and construction of this spacesuit 
where I could have used some breathing apparatus myself, 
and a cone of silence wouldn't have gone astray, either.
But once we got over the initial stages, 
Emily did it all on her own and did a fantastic job!

Emily has had loads of assignments due in the last month
and will really enjoy her school holidays starting this weekend.

In other news ...
 we have bought a new (to us) car;
(to replace the car written off last week)
Laura has done her flute exam;
my knee is doing much better;
recent experiments in my diet had disappointing results...

... and last weekend I had a wonderful weekend here
studying Phillipians
with lots of good friends from church
and hundreds of other women;
staying in a bedroom which looked straight out to this view.
Lots of encouragement, lots of challenges,
lots of fellowship, lots of laughter.

All good.

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