Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our weekend so far ...

My birthday yesterday. 
A quiet day at home.
Gluten-free, dairy-free cupcake, 
lovingly made for me by Steve and Laura
(who was home, sick)
Lovely cards from friends.

A friend dropped in with happy flowers.

I was spoilt with books, DVDs, a lovely scarf, kitchen goodies and nice pens.
Emily arrived home from her overnight excursion around 6.00pm 
and we had dinner together, happy to be together again.

Today, a picnic with my parents and nieces,
and a friendly wallaby 
(can you see the joey?)

After lunch, a walk through the bush.

We hadn't told the girls they were going to see their cousins,
it was a big surprise on both sides!
So much fun!
Although these photos look like we had a peaceful walk through the bush
we actually had a non-stop noisy commentary from a certain pair of cousins,
complete with American accents.

And tomorrow: Fathers Day
When it's time to celebrate this nice husband of mine!

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