Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet and Sour

A mixed weekend ...

It began on Friday with a funeral of a sort-of family member,
a sad occasion, although we did not know him well.

On Saturday Laura woke sick with a tummy bug,
she and Steve had to miss our big family party that afternoon.
She's doing better today, but still at home.

Emily and I enjoyed the party, 
it was good to be with family and celebrate five birthdays!

On Sunday Emily began sewing a spacesuit for a dog,
for a science project.
Something I was apprehensive about, 
but she is doing well,
Rana the floppy dog will look good.

Steve mowed the lawn - this was the before photo, 
the violets above are thriving below the jasmine.
Last week I injured my knee playing futsal,
after a pain-free two seasons.

Turns out I have psoriatic arthritis, news to me.
Am off to the physio again today.

I've been hobbling around,
glad to be sitting in the sunshine when I can,
stretched out on the sofa

... sometimes crocheting while I watch one of my new DVDs

 ... and enjoying my lovely birthday gifts,
and cards, 

Hanger (and Mary Poppins) from Mum & Dad

from Dave
from S & G, pewter native hibiscus dipped in silver
 from Tanya, have been wanting to see Wives & Daughters again!

from A & A - can you see my reflection?
from Karen

and looking forward to getting into these:

from Steve and all the family - yey for Book Depository!

I think I will need to institute an 
Alexander McCall Smith Shelf in our bookcase
- these are only my new books of his!

Our building plans have been approved 
and now we're waiting for some action from the building company 
and a start date.

How was your weekend?

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