Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let there be light fittings

Last week the light fittings went in.
Our new upstairs looks more "finished" every few days!

I have tried to match the style of light fittings to our 
1920s/1930s bungalow, selecting an antique copper finish
for most lights.

Over the stairs I was hoping we could install the lovely leadlight
light fitting I bought at a market last year,
but sadly an important piece was missing.
I'll find something else to do with that piece.

Instead I was fortunately able to run out that morning 
and find a match to the (discontinued?) wall light I bought 
last year at Beacon Lighting, 
One for the landing, and one for the top of the stairs.

Downstairs we had the original bakelite light switches
which sadly needed to be replaced for safety reasons.
We sourced some plastic imitations,
which are not so nice,
the screws show and they don't make a nice 'plunk'
like the old switches did.
The electrician doesn't like them
(too much work)
and they need a backing block when placed 
straight into the gyprock.

But they do add to the period feel of our brand-new upstairs!

In the hall we have a lovely pendant light from Recollections.
I love the way it is not flush to the ceiling
but not too low, either.
We have plenty of height upstairs with 2.4m ceilings,
although not so tall as downstairs where we have 3m ceilings.
no poky low rooms for us
- we have lived all our lives with high ceilings!

When the sun shines in this hall is lovely ...
And when the electricity is actually connected
these lights will look even better LOL!

In the bathroom we are having a stainless steel/silver/chrome look/
This Ikea light was perfect, rated for bathrooms and only $12.00.

And in the bedrooms we've installed fan lights, 
simple, modern and clean.

These rooms will get really hot in summer so fans are essential.

Over the weekend we painted some more,
Today the tiler, the gyprockers and the painters are here.
More photos to come!

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Rhen Nicey said...

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