Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Carpet and New Room Tour

At last, the day we have waited for

for so long.

Almost four months after our extensions began, today we have carpet.

We can start moving things in.

This morning upstairs still looked like a building site.

Because of this:

The sub-floor

... which was quite practical during the

everlasting painting stage - no need to catch the drips.

(And I might add, painting only finished at 8.00pm last night
with an extra lick of paint at 7.00 this morning)

But now it looks and feels completely different.

Soft and squishy.

No more dust.

It feels like a house up there now.

And because the rooms will never be empty again,

a little tour:

Top of the stairs (yes, I still have to paint the risers)

Looking into Laura's room

 and Emily's room:

Walking back towards the stairs:

Leftover carpet in the nook area
and a peek at the bathroom 
(more photos of the bathroom another time)

The top of the stairs,

completely painted and varnished.

But there's still lots more painting and varnishing to do further down. 

In a few minutes the girls will arrive home.

I think afternoon tea will be forgotten for a little while

with the excitement of cosy soft floors 

and what will at last feel like 

bedrooms of their own!

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DancingInTheRain said...

That looks great!! Bet the girls loved it!