Friday, March 9, 2012

The Last Day of This:

Today is the last day before 
we move the girls 
and their things upstairs 
to their new rooms on the weekend.

And hopefully the last day of having things piled up around the house,
even in our bedroom.

The last day of having my craft desk in the dining area

closely packed in with other things

the last day of dining surrounded by too much furniture

the last day of looking at the girls' messy school stuff at meals.

And this, my friends, is why we renovated in the first place.
So much stuff, so little space.
So little room to get in and make the bed.

This will become my craft room :-)

Kitchen clutter comes and goes  on a daily basis,, but I hope  
that the kitchen can improve with the new arrangements too.
I've already been able to make some changes inside the cupboards 
which make cooking easier.

(The boxes have only appeared here today and yesterday 
as I start to unpack stuff.)

One day we might even be able to sit on those bar stools ....

The last day of a cluttered enclosed living space

The last day of chaos in the back of the living room
(although some of this chaos might stick around 
till we completely finish painting)

Living room looking back to the dining area

The study is piled up to the ceiling on two sides.
This should improve too.

And when I teach piano twice a week I won't have to 
hurriedly move all this stuff out of the room
so we can reach the piano:

Even the hall bookcase will lose a lot of its clutter:

So you can see why I'm just a tad excited!

This extension of two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs
will have massive and positive consequences for downstairs too!

Now we just have to wait another 24 hours or so before the fun begins!

Stay tuned for the "after" photos ....


Bungalowgirl said...

Hi Fiona, thanks for popping onto my blog to share your renovation. It looks spectacular, those new pristine clean rooms you lucky duck. ( I do not envy the last 4 months of your life though!) Looking forward to seeing you "move in" and sort your gorgeous bungalow- so nice to find another bungalow in blog world too- do you know of any others around? California bungalows are quite uncommon in Brisbane and we are still learning about old Betsy. BTW my house is failsafe too would you believe it. My son has a dairy allergy plus salicylate/amine/fodmap intolerance as well as every additive sensitive and my daughter and I are both salicylate intolerant and have limited dairy. Have you looked at fodmaps for your ibs symptoms- includes wheat/dairy as you have already cut out plus a few others than can really stir up gut symptoms. I do a massive amount of food prep due to allergies/intolerance and am desperate to get a new kitchen as I practically live in there and it drives me BONKERS! Seeing your nearly complete reno has reinvigorated me again- hopefully this time next year I will have a new kitchen and deck! melx

simmone said...

Sounds like exciting times! I think we've all done this a few times as the family needs change.Love your extension, it blends so well. Enjoy the moving.