Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunshine on a Grey Day

After all the excitement of yesterday,
today didn't start well.

I forgot to turn my alarm on.
For the first time in weeks 
I didn't wake at 6.15am, but at 7.20.

My old rising time.
Which, it seems, I am not accustomed to anymore.

The morning was grey.
I felt horrible.
I dragged myself around,
struggling with the morning routine,
and dreading painting the last coat of varnish on the stairs.
Tea and toast cheered me a little but I was oh so tired and miserable.

And then ...
the doorbell rang.


With flowers!

For "surviving the last four months" of renovating.

With a sweet card for our whole family.

Because she understands the toll it has taken on us all.
Even though it's all for good!

Lovely roses and irises (and thistles?) in a sweet posy.

Because I hadn't started varnishing the stairs yet
I was able to show Tanya around our lovely new upstairs.
(which is so perfect, I don't know why I was depressed today)

And then after she left things got better.
I tidied the dining table in honour of the flowers. 

And remembered that everything is better with a clear dining table ;-)

I started sanding the stairs, and the sun came out.

Turns out it was a great day, after all.

Because of a good friend 

who just knows where I'm at.

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