Friday, March 23, 2012

Our New Upstairs - Pt 1: Laura's Room

At last some photos of upstairs,
where the girls have been happily living now for two weeks.

Today is the first day that sunlight, tidiness  and free time
coincide so that I can take photos.

It is a glorious day, the sunshine is pouring in.
Laura's bed sits under the eastern window.
She can see the sunrise if she sits up!

We are slightly jealous of the views over the trees from the girls' rooms.

Paper lanterns from Typo
are pretty by day
and cast a soft glow by night.

On the other side of the room,
near the door,
a bookcase full of books,
trophies and cuddly toys.
Just the way she likes it.

Bunting is hung across the room

... to the desk, which by now is flooded with northern sunlight.

Lucky girls, to have two windows!

We love the Alex drawers from Ikea under the $39 desktop.


Two weeks ago we spent an evening assembling them.
While we were still living like this.
Hard to believe, we are all settled in now.

The blue office chair was $10.00 at Vinnies and is in great condition,
although hard to see in the contrast of the photo above.

 In the opposite corner to the bed,
an armchair that Jacqui and I found by the side of the road
a few weeks ago.
Lots of laughs getting it home.
But worth every bit.
Under the quilt it is a lavender colour and in reasonable condition.
(Now I just need to find one for Emily!)

First night in the new room.

We still have to hang pictures, 
paint a bedside table,
find a bookcase for school books
and tidy some stuff.

But the really important things are in:

Lumpy, Broccoli and Wibbly Pig.
So that's ok.

Laura has settled well into a room of her own 
and has even been keeping it fairly tidy,
a new phenomenon for her.

I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do
when the room is completely furnished.

Homework is happening at the new desk 
and everything is going pretty smoothly
after a few hiccups early on.

We are LOVING our new upstairs!!

Stay tuned for Pt 2: Emily's Room

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Bungalowgirl said...

Well done and yay for roadside finds- have you seen the fish tank cabinet on my last post- found on the side of the road on my school pick up travels. The room looks so sunny and wonderful, enjoy every bit of the fun decorating part. melx