Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

As usual, I was totally spoilt by my family on Mothers Day.

Emily surprised me with felt fortune cookies.
She is super-clever with felt.

Inside each was part of a sweet message.

Steve gave me a gorgeous silver clay pendant
which we found at markets at Manly

A few years ago I wanted to learn to make silver clay pendants.
I studied online tutorials ... but never got any further.

So now I shall enjoy wearing this one instead, 
it's quite stunning.

I asked for a new shopping list pad 
and a photo album to use as a recipe book

These are lovely ones, chosen by Emily and Steve,
there was a bit of a butterfly theme happening.

Laura gave me a fridge magnet, I love these kind.

and some personalised keyrings she cleverly made with shrinky dinks, 
in real life they are more colourful.

Something else I asked for was the Down to Earth book.

I love Rhonda's Down-to-Earth blog and now am loving reading through the book.
So much wisdom about simple living.
Love it.

I had been expecting the pendant and the book 
... but then Steve surprised me with two DVDs - 
The Help and Mad Men Season 3
and some yummy gluten-free almond nougat.

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling great on the day,
Laura was recovering from a cold/gastro bug
so far I only have the cold ....

and it was a cold and windy day,
so I enjoyed relaxing on the sofa

while Steve cooked a delicious roast lamb dinner :-)
and a gluten-free, dairy-free cake.

Yes, I was truly spoilt.
It's nice to be appreciated :-)

How was your Mothers Day?

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