Friday, May 11, 2012

An old lady on the kerb

This morning Steve and I each spotted this lovely old dame on the kerb!

Fortunately it was still there a bit later.
It's the same style as a standard lamp we have in the living room,
although that one doesn't have the table.

And what a shade!
Spectacular inside and out.

The lamp needs to be re-wired so I can't tell yet
how RED this will make my craft room
or whether I might want to 
... ahem ...
find another shade!

But it's just right in the craft room, 
don't you think?
(please excuse the lovely but dazzling sunshine)

(Once I did find a real "old lady" lying on the kerb, 
turns out she was fine and it was just her way of hitch-hiking 
from to the next suburb!)

This morning I also found some pretty new things for my craft room
at Daiso, in Chatswood.
The wonderful shop where everything costs just $2.80 ...

Some Cath Kidston-style accessories

And some paper lanterns
(this turquoise one actually given to me earlier by Emily)

For now I have hung them from an existing hook on the ceiling

With a bird flying below
(made with the Stampin' Up! Elegant Bird die)

Eventually I would like to have them 
hanging on different hooks at staggered heights.

So it's been quite a day for my craft room!

. . .

What's that, you say?

You're still waiting to see ALL of my craft room??


Emily's room?


the new upstairs bathroom

and hall?

 ... hmmm ....

sorry about that!!

One day soon ....!

I promise!!


Hill upon Hill said...

I love the red /orange light that some lights give and it makes the room super cosy and warm.
Hope that you are feeling better soon.

Fiona said...

I am yet to see that effect ... Steve has had a go at fixing the light but needs some parts ...