Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Op Shop Vintage Goodness

Just when I thought the days of 
finding vintage china 
in our area
were over ...

I found this.

A 25-pc dinner set

for $25.00.

Recently I started frequenting a different op shop 
and I am rarely disappointed.
My old 'regular' op shop is now over-priced 
and full of ex - $2.00 shop items,
but they are selling them for more than $2.00!!

I think they are passing on their vintage items 

But back to the china ...

Swinnertons of Staffordshire.

A few years ago I might have passed this set by.
Too pink.
Too rosy.
Too fluted
Too gilt-edgey.

But not now.

Oh no.
Now, it's perfect.

 Since we're not using a dishwasher anyway
these days,
why not use pretty vintage china
for "everyday" sometimes?

I wonder why there are just 5 settings?
Perhaps someone has downsized ...
and kept just one place-setting for themselves
for old times' sake?

I also found these ...

a vintage-style peg bag and an old book.

I also got myself a warm cardigan ...
which was why I was in the op shop at all ...


Allana said...

What a gorgeous find (and the others too!) It is certainly a wonderful thing to be using 'best' china everyday and enjoying it. I'm glad you found what you were actually looking for too :)

Lea said...

Beautiful dinnerset. So pretty and what a find to have so many pieces.

Brave New Fiona said...

So lovely. I recently had to down size my china collection and out of desperation sold it to a local dealer. I was totally ripped off but I was desperate. So I get a pang of heartache and slight anxiety when I see lovely pieces like these. Mine was a buttercream coloured Johnson Brothers tea set with creamer and sugar bowl. I didn't even photograph it. *oh get out the violins already* Such a great find. xx Fi