Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays

Dropping in to the op shop after bible study

on a Thursday has become a habit,

since I started shopping at a much better op shop.

The car just seems to know the way and 

even without my planning it,

there I am, turning into the carpark.

Today I found a turned wood bowl.

Rough and unpolished.

But after some sanding and oiling ...

I have a beautiful bowl to hold tools in 

for my stamping classes

(which I've just begun teaching again)

Why would someone make a bowl and not finish it?

It always makes me wonder.

But I guess we all have unfinished projects 

that need to move on at some point.

But this bowl, like the quilt,

have become useful objects of beauty now,

which makes me happy.

And then there was a little soft crocheted rug.

Yes, I could make one myself,

but I love the colours of this one,

and you just can't have too many rugs in winter ....

... right?

I think Laura will love this rug.

The op shop has been good for games lately.

These two historical-themed games today for $2.00 and $3.00,

a few weeks ago the game Loot for just $2.00,

I'd just been tempted to buy it full-price for $22.00

so was very happy.

It's fast becoming one of our favourite games ever.

We'll try these ones on the weekend,

or on second thoughts ... perhaps after the Olympics!

This was the second week I've found some Tupperware,

including the vintage icing sugar duster.

And a pretty glass jar for just 20c.

What goodies have you found lately?


simmone said...

Had to laugh, i just found the same jar recently to match one Mum gave me.Hubby has done turning bowls and said you practice so many,you can't keep them all,yours came up lovely.You had good luck with the games.

Brave New Fiona said...

thrifting is fun. I love the look of the wooden bowl. And yes, you can't have too many rugs. Good score! xx

Lea said...

You picked up some treasures. lovely and useful too.

Tania said...

I too can't resist a good crochet rug, and they really are few and far between these days. Being a crafty person you really appreciate the work that must have gone into it, though I am pretty clueless with the crochet thing. I love to look at the kid's games while op shopping too. Yesterday I picked up a wooden chess/ backgammon board. The kid's were quiet for a whole hour after school with it. Money well spent :)