Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day in the City

Darling Harbour
 Today we traveled in to the city,

something we only do now and then.

We traveled by train

and ate a packed lunch

and enjoyed the sights.

The sun shone, a perfect winter's day.

Our destination was the Powerhouse Museum,

to see the Narnia exhibition.

We really enjoyed it, but couldn't take photos.

I loved seeing the costumes from 

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

and Prince Caspian, just amazing.

We also saw some other interesting exhibitions.

Now that the girls are older we can avoid some of the kiddy exhibits 

and all appreciate some artistic and design works.

I really enjoyed seeing the Faith Fashion Fusion exhibit,

showing modest fashions designed for Muslim women

in a variety of styles, some of them so beautiful

and all so clever.

We also saw the Love Lace exhibition, 

which I did take photos of:

Artworks inspired by lace

using a wide variety of mediums.

So much play between light and shadow.

Some of them so intricate.

Mostly white, but not all ....

...this was bright coloured needle lace from Paraguay.

These were haunting ...

... and this one was a fence!

So, with the Narnia costumes and props as well,

a lot of textiles inspiration!

As if that wasn't enough, 

we also visited Morris & Sons wool shop

and the Kinokuniya Japanese craft book section,

where I was tempted to buy some crochet books,

but resisted ... another day ....

Enjoying the afternoon sunshine now ...

... as we walked between the buildings and the sun here

we found a hotspot where the sunlight 

reflected off the curved glass building

and baked us, momentarily.

And what's a visit to the city without seagulls?

* * *

After all the sights and sounds of the city

and all our walking 

we headed home,

where we are happiest of all.


Hill upon Hill said...

The weather was certainly better yesterday than today.

simmone said...

What an amazing exibit,so much detail,love the dresses display. Looks like it was a very full day. I agree there's no place like home!