Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quiet Winter Days

Having survived (and enjoyed) our 

big family gathering on Saturday,

I'm now looking forward to some 

quiet winter days.

Today was the first really quiet day.

From Saturday until Monday

we had my nieces to stay.

My girls' favourite companions.

Parks, trampolining, eating,

movies and craft were enjoyed by all,

and chatting went on late into the night.

Today it was just me and my girls.

Nowhere to go,

nothing pressing to do.


A little housework,

a little baking,

some music lessons,

some bible reading together, 

a little walk in the sunshine

a little snooze on the sofa.

The girls spent much of the day

googling new craft projects.

not always in the most comfortable of positions,

I noticed ...

Looking forward to more


kind of days

over the next two weeks

of school holidays.

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