Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Suitcase: My Grandfather's Suitcase

When my family visited two weeks ago

my aunt noticed my stack of vintage suitcases

and said something I never expected to hear ...

"I have our father's old suitcase if you want it"


Umm ... yes ... I want it!!!

Two weeks later the suitcase is in my stack.

the perfect size to fit between my original two suitcases.

(Photo coming soon)

But this one doesn't compare to my thrifty- and market-found suitcases.

Not only is it worn, 

and full of character 

inside and out ...

... but it has my grandfather's initials.

I never met him.

He died in 1954, 

when my mother and aunt were young

and I don't think I have 

anything else that belonged to him.

So ... even though it's hard to open the catches

and I haven't decided what to keep in it yet ...

this suitcase is going to be my most valued one of all.

 * * *

(but just wait till you see my aunt's suitcase!)


Hill upon Hill said...

Yep that is a special one!

Hill upon Hill said...

A friend sent me this link:

Lea said...

Oh those initials. So wonderful it has been gifted to you. What a precious keepsake.

simmone said...

It's lovely to have something from the family to cherish(useful too,ha).