Monday, December 17, 2012

Night at the Ballet

On Wednesday Laura and I had a wonderful night at the ballet.

Stephen Bayne's

Swan Lake

performed by the Australian Ballet.

Something we had planned months ago.

Timed to come after the rush of end-of-year events,
ballet concerts etc.

And inspiration for we two ballet dancers.

Lately the days have been dark and cloudy

or brilliant sunshine

and we were fortunate to have 

an evening of sunshine.

As we arrived at Circular Quay a ship was leaving

People were watching, and partying.

A brilliant atmosphere.

We soaked it up for a while

and then headed to the Opera House.

Seeing the last of the ship 

over the other side of the point.

It was our first time at the ballet,

fun to dress up for a night out.

There were quite a few girls around Laura's age 

also wearing beautiful dresses.

(And who knew that canapes would be served?)

Swan Lake rehearsals
Picture: David Geraghty Source: The Australian

And then the ballet itself.


Tchaikowsky's music,

incredible violin solos,

clever choreography.

gorgeous costumes

and precision I never dreamed of

(how do they do it??)

Definitely a night to remember.

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