Monday, December 10, 2012

Quiet December Day

After our flurry of activity over the last few weeks,

today was a quiet day.

Ballet concerts,

instruments lessons,

school performances

and birthday parties

are all done and dusted for another year.


At our house it's dark and cosy today,

I'm wearing jeans and a cardigan.

Not one of the hot Decembers

I remember from childhood.

The girls have a week or so left of school,

but Laura spent today at home,

recovering from ballet and swimming lessons

in the last week.

My first day at home for ever so long.

And yet I still had contact with the outside world.

My Italian neighbour sold me some giant yellow squash

out of the back of his ute!

Due to (our usual) communication difficulties 

I first thought he wished to give me one,

but soon I found myself the proud owner of 6 giant squash for $4.00.

(egg included in photo for scale)

 So I guess we are having squash for dinners this week.

I've popped a squash and potato gratin in the oven now.

My good friend phoned for a long-overdue catch-up

and my piano teaching neighbour came over for a chat.

I guess they've all been missing me while I was so busy??

In the leftover minutes of the day  

I've been wrapping little gifts for my recorder students,

organising Christmas cards ... tidying up ...

and now with Emily due home soon and 

students coming for lessons this afternoon

the afternoon feels a little stressed.

But no need to feel that way,

I've got three more free days in a row to enjoy!

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