Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Too much chocolate

Speaking of ballet ....

Look what we won at Laura's ballet concert:

A massive basket of Lindt chocolate!

Weighing in at 3.8kg 

(including the basket).

There is a serious amount of chocolate here

in all sorts of beautiful packaging

and flavours.

Just a shame I can't eat any of it ....

(but I can't complain really, 

last year in the same raffle

we won a bottle of scotch,

and whisky is something I can indulge in.

Pretty good for a family that "never" goes in raffles.

I think next year we will have to 

stay out of the ballet raffle!

Which is more than I will be able to say 

about the concert itself

Card I made for out ballet teacher

- if our ballet teacher has her way 

I will be up on stage for the first time in my life

pas de chat -ing and jete-ing

like an uncoordinated elephant.)

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