Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Picture a gorgeous property 

in the Southern Highlands.

Lush green English-style plantings;

a private one-hole golf course, 

- complete with summerhouse

A home which is a modest 

dairy cottage from the outside

but oh so comfortable on the inside

and complete with many sitting areas,

a grand piano, string instruments, 

books, lovely china, 

plenty of space

 amazing views,

and a sea breeze to cool us.

This must be one of the prettiest farms in Australia.

Even the outbuildings are pretty.

To all this bounty 

add twenty or so congenial string players

and a few pianists,

with a few woodwind players for good measure;

two VERY generous hosts

loads of sheetmusic

and food to spare.

 And you have a picture of our recent weekend away.

All because of a concert in a barn,

preceded by a day playing chamber music (just for fun)

and touring the property.

Steve led the orchestra,

and I was in the audience,

but so happy to be involved in the chamber music,

it was lovely to be with classical musicians again.

I didn't know that I'd missed it so much.

The girls had a good weekend with Mum and Dad,

so we were free to play music until midnight on Saturday,

after which we headed to our local accommodation

(which was of the Fawlty Towers variety.

Fortunately I can laugh about it

 .... now.)

We left for home after the concert on Sunday

... refreshed and grateful for such a perfect weekend.


Fiona @ Brave New Vintage said...

what a delightful weekend. And yes beautiful location. xxx Fi

simmone said...

Beautiful pics,sounds like you had a wonderful time.