Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ballet night

I did it.

I danced on stage.

In public.


And it was fun!

Tomorrow we do it all again -

the dressing, the make up,

the hanging around,

the waiting in the wings,

heat coming off the stage lights,

the kneeling on stage, 

head down in position,

the dance, over in a flash -

and then it's all over.

A year of training,

 and six months of rehearsing

for 3 minutes on stage, times two.

Was it perfect?


But for three adults

who either haven't danced for years (the rest)

or haven't danced before (me)

it wasn't half bad!

(But who would have thought it, 

two years ago???)


Amy at love made my home said...

Wow Fiona, well done! I'm very proud of you and very impressed! Congratulations. xx

Hill upon Hill said...

You look lovely!

Fiona said...

Thank you both, it was a good experience and all went so much better than I ever imagined. And it was fun to dress up, too!