Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas in the City

Last night we headed to the city to see the Christmas sights.

I hadn't seen the David Jones windows for years.

David Jones is celebrating 175 years this year and the displays
were about the store over the years.

Every character was a moving mechanical marionette.
(so much fishing line!!)

The toy department, with a row of marching soldiers

 The food hall with busy chefs

The staff Christmas choir 

A royal visit, Santa and mail order

didn't get to see this one close-up,
not sure what the elephant is about!

People moving up the escalators!

and a ball, complete with jazz band.

All very impressive and most amusing;
and bringing back memories
of the year I worked in the Elizabeth St building
as a Christmas casual, way back in 1990 (?)

Then we headed across the road to Hyde Park.

There was a guy playing fun Christmas music 
on beer bottles and drum.

It was a hot night,

good weather for an outdoor picnic
by the Christmas tree ...

until it started to thunder and rain!

Emily tried to capture a flash of lightning with her camera

and we sheltered under the trees
to eat the rest of our cold fried rice.

Then down Pitt St

Through the Strand Arcade

to Martin Place

to see the tree there, complete with people's texted messages
displayed in lights

Then onto the tree in the Queen Victoria Building
which is loaded with Swarovski crystals and lights.

Our final stop was the Town Hall,
lighted up with changing projected images,

before grabbing some cold treats 
and jumping onto a train home
to a very hot house.


Amy at love made my home said...

Everything, everything is so beautiful Fiona!! The shop windows are amazing and so are all of those trees. The town hall with the scenes projected on to it too. All so wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your Antipodean Christmas with us! It was lots of fun to see.

Happy Christmas to you and yours. xx

Hill upon Hill said...

I worked at David Jones Elizabeth Store in 1991.