Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last week of term

Yesterday I ...

went Christmas shopping twice,

fiddled with my camera

to show only the red on our Christmas tree,

watched in horror as my

need-to-be-wet-and-cold girl

bought a kit containg 500 water bombs;

but then later enjoyed the colours

spread out on the sofa;

cooked up a delicious 

pumpkin and caramelized onion flan for dinner

and baked gluten-free gingerbread.

iced with a thin coat of royal icing,

and left overnight to soften a little,

I declare them a success!

* * *

It hasn't been the three days I anticipated

for the end of term,

only one girl at school one day out of three

(proper school lessons are not happening,

but Laura had originally planned to go anyway)

- there have been dramas and hard times 

... but I'm glad I took these photos

to remind me that it wasn't all bad, 

and some of it was very good!


Amy at love made my home said...

Sorry you have had dramas, I hope they have passed now that term is ending? Your tree pictures are very clever, you are having fun with your camera! Not sure about the water bombs - especially 500 of them, great of you to appreciate the colours though!!! Take care and I hope that things are good over the coming days. xx

Hill upon Hill said...

Your daughter has a real gift in buying lovely things for others!