Saturday, December 14, 2013

Murder, 1950s style

A murder took place here last night!

(But thankfully not a real one)

Emily, aka Miss Florida,

dressed in a stunning 1950s polkadot halter-neck dress

celebrated her 16th birthday in style

with her closest friends

in a 1950s diner during a beauty pageant.

and with Christmas in the background, to boot!

Laura played a valuable role as

assistant photographer,

announcer, and general gopher.

We cooked up hamburgers and fries,

and the girls made their own icecream sundaes for dessert.

A good night was had by all,

even by me after the first few hours ...

and I'm pleased to announce that all the girls

went home alive.

Emily bought her dress and petticoat on ebay
and the murder mystery here.


Hill upon Hill said...

I love the 50's theme.

Amy at love made my home said...

Brilliant! It looks as though everyone including the birthday girl and her sister had great fun. What a lovely party. xx