Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beach Party


Mona Vale beach.
The perfect setting for Laura's 15th birthday party.
And how times have changed since the girls were little,
and every party involved minute planning and hands-on 
kid and prize wrangling and intricately decorated cakes!

This time, I sat here with Emily:

Steve was here:

and the girls were here:

And we only had one or two near-drownings.
(in their words, Steve says it was an exaggeration.)

After the swim, Laura organised a sandcastle competition.

Birthday girl.


I was lucky to catch this photo just seconds before a wave washed it all away,
leaving the other team the clear winners.

We had cold pizzas and BBQ chicken with salad for dinner,
followed by fruit salad,

and birthday cupcakes (paleo carrot cakes with coconut cashew frosting).

After a long battle with the winds and sand (not a good combination with food)

it was time to head off home, into the sunset.


Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday Laura!! It looks as though it was a great party. xx

Fiona said...

Thanks Amy, it was a really fun and relaxed party!