Sunday, November 16, 2014

Evening Picnic




The lovely Hikaru from Okinawa has joined our family for 5 nights, on a homestay organised with our school. She arrived in blazing 40deg heat on Friday, but by late Saturday afternoon, when we were free for a picnic, it was a breezy 22deg and lower, with no sunlight in sight. Nevertheless, we dragged her to a typical Aussie picnic at Brooklyn, to enjoy some cold dinner by the water, surrounded by marauding brush turkeys, play a card game and go for a walk. She seemed to survive her first picnic,  and there was plenty to see, from pelicans to rock formations to slightly inebriated fishermen. 

And it was so good to see that despite our two different cultures, we still have so much in common, things that really bind humanity, despite the language barrier or age differences. 

Things such as ...


and Apple devices.

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Amy at love made my home said...

Funny how the language barrier can be so great and yet so easily removed too! xx