Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunny Monday

It's Monday morning, and the sunshine is streaming in through the back door.
The temperature is just right.
But in the last couple of weeks, the light has changed, there is a feeling of summer.
The sun doesn't shine on to the sofa anymore, and outdoors is filled with a sort of golden glow.

This is my third week of getting up early, 
and it makes such a difference to my mornings.

The girls have gone to school 
- one early to band, one in a rush to the bus, and one in a cute Japanese school uniform.
The house is tidy enough, thanks partly to having Hikaru with us.
Hopefully we can keep it this way after she has gone!

I'm so glad to have a houseguest here at last.
Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite having this quilt on my wall,
we really have so few guests at all. I made it years ago, when the girls were small,
and we had more guests over, for playgroup and so on.

The bed is made.
I'm loving our fresh new bedspread/quilt cover.

The verandah needs a sweep after the strong winds yesterday.

There are instruments to practise,

and plenty of craft to do,
 some in preparation for the church cardmaking night I'm running.
Some tidying of my desk wouldn't go astray, either.
I'm also slowly working on Christmas cards, which I love to do.

I rearranged the books last week, and am happy
with this view (while I teach piano).

I've done the washing up and the first load of washing.
Time for some bible reading in the warm sunshine.

Oh, how I love a sunny Monday morning!
So full of promise!

Hoping yours is good, too.


Hill upon Hill said...

I like your outdoor setting and not only because they are the same chairs as ours!

Amy at love made my home said...

Monday here is grey and wet, but that is to be expected really at this time of year. It is lovely to see your sunny Monday though and remember what blue skies and sunshine look like. Your wallhanging quilt is lovely, and it is a beautiful sentiment, whether you have many visitors or few, they are all welcomed and that is what is important. xx