Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hikaru, we miss you

Having Hikaru stay with us for five nights in the last week was one of the best things we ever did.
She was the sweetest, most lovely and throughtful guest one could want. Sometimes communication was difficult, conversations went slowly, but we still understood each other. It was good for this quiet family to have a temporary addition to our family, and to make her stay as positive as possible. Emily slept on a stretcher bed in Laura's room, and it all worked out well. Hikaru loved being in Emily's pretty bedroom.

We played lots of games, and even got out the boomwhackers for one fun night's entertainment. Hikaru jumped into everything with enthusiasm. There were three afternoons of shopping, and Hikaru also came along to youth group, iceskating and church, as well as our picnic. There were about a million photos taken, these were all Hikaru's iphone pics, (yey for her selfie stick!). We had dinner out on Tuesday night (where Hikaru could enjoy more Aussie beef, despite the distractions of Australia vs Japan soccer in the background, how ironic) and enjoyed meals together at home the other nights - more steaks, burritos, and satay chicken, while we tried not to overload our guest with questions.

Come Wednesday afternoon, there was a school BBQ, followed by many, many hugs and tears as we said goodbye, and she boarded a bus with her friends from Okinawa. When we came home afterwards, everything reminded us of her. Will we ever play Rat-a-Tat Cat again without remembering her? We're thankful for instagram and email to keep in touch. 

Hikaru, I hope we can meet again one day.


Amy at love made my home said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely guest to stay and how wonderful for her to have such a lovely family to stay with! I am sure that both sides loved it. Sounds as though you packed an awful lot into the five days and as if it was a fabulous time! Glad that you all enjoyed it so much and that you have lots of happy memories. xx

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh that sounds so wonderful.