Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crafting with the girls

Yesterday we had two sick girls, one with hand, foot and mouth disease, who doesn't feel sick but has to wait till her spots go, and the other who came home during the day with a sore tummy (then felt a little better at home). So while dinner was cooking some craft was required. Emily designed a painting for a mug (which she is painting as I type). Laura decided to make some sparkly flowers, which turned out to be perfect for a headband for her dog Coconut.

This turned out to be perfect for Coconut's wedding to Bomber, a cute black labrador puppy (who couldn't be found for my photo shoot just now).

Coconut and Bomber went on their honeymoon last night, but Coconut left her puppy Snowy behind, because (as anyone would know from watching the first episode of The Brady Bunch repeatedly), you don't normally take your children with you on your honeymoon. I just don't understand where Bomber has gotten to now ... maybe the honeymoon didn't work out so well ...

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