Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Decorating 2

Just a little corner of my home. About 6 months ago we had a white bookcase custom made to fit in our narrow hall. We have so many books, and they keep coming into our home ... somehow! I love this bookcase because it has little sections in it, and no matter how many books we get I am keeping this section free for pretty things.

These photos are of my beautiful girls ( oh and a little one of me). The frames were my Gran's, and are in their original vintage state! I think the dish may also have been Gran's. The ducks are from my "duck phase" that everyone went through who got married in the early 90s, most of the others are packed away. This is directly opposite our study door, so when I am teaching piano and feel in need of distraction I glance over to this little spot and it makes me happy!

This is another cubbyhole in the bookcase which is in the "still being sorted" stage. The old books belonged to my mother and grandparents, the ballerina dish was my aunty's and the flower girl is me at 4. The tiny china bunny was Mum's then mine as a child, and the squirrel mine. I am fortunate to have so many things from relatives still living. I fear this cubby hole might have to be filled with books one day though.
I hope you enjoyed looking!


Schotzy said...

That looks really nice. Custom built-ins ae always a good choice. They reaqlly make a home personalized and are such a wondeful way to show off your treaasures!

Emily said...

I love your built-ins and you have them decorated so beautiful! You have beautiful girls too! Thanks for participating!