Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dropping all my bundles

Ironically, after writing last night's post, this morning just before waking I had a dream.

I was in a train, returning from the city, with the plan to get off soon and drive home from the station. I missed my stop, and in a panic jumped off at the next one. I had too many bags, boxes and parcels to get out all in one go, I stood in the doorway of the train, hoping the guard wouldn't shut the doors before I got all my belongings off the train. Finally, I had everything out on the platform - boxes of stamping supplies, bags of piano music, miscellaneous shopping ... all looking somewhat familiar to me ... then I looked at my watch. It was 3.09 and I needed to get everything back on another train, travel back one station, then drive 20 minutes in afternoon traffic to pick the girls up from school at 3.10!

At this point I was woken by Steve asking me "do the girls have any school blouses?" I shook my head and pulled the covers over me, leaving him to dig through the laundry basket and wash and dry 2 school blouses, before I eventually struggled out of bed about 10 minutes later.

I guess maybe that was a sign that I need to slow down? Today is a free day, but now I have Laura home with a sore tummy. Anyway, there's plenty I can do to calm things down around here, starting with that pile of bags, CD player etc that I discovered near my kitchen just now ...

(And, by the way, I gave up on Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It was just too weird for me. Started on Bend it like Beckham instead, a good light read.)


Hill upon Hill said...

Wow. A stressful dream. All your plans were good ones, just so many. Nice to be quiet and at home. Our eldest is home too which is nice as it saved us battling the rain to take third child to O.T. Husband E's birthday today so I will hope to be quiet and calm for him. Have sore throat and head, so have done bare jobs and now will take breaks where possible. Hope you have more rest today too then.

PS How do you wash and dry shirts so quickly?

Fiona said...

Handwashing then spin then into the dryer. That way your daughter can arrive at school 30 minutes later in a dry shirt and have it dripped on by wet trees on the way into school.