Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We have been doing a lot of bushwalking since it got cooler. I have been loving it.

Last Saturday we visited a state forest and took a few short walks through different types of forest, then on Monday we went on a boardwalk through mangroves then through the bush. Grandma and Grandad were with us.

Under the boardwalks were thousands of little crabs. It was too difficult to photograph them, they moved too fast.

Aboriginal carving of a man

Look how this tree has grown over the rock.

Quite a tame walk compared to this Saturday's walk (3rd bushwalk in a week!) which was 2.5hrs, steep at points, scary crossing creeks and rocks with the girls, filled with amazing scenery, and yet was so close to home that we couldn't believe that we have been living here 14 years without doing this walk earlier. I didn't take the camera on that walk. Right near the end of that walk we spent about 10 minutes swishing through ferns, first knee-high, then getting taller and taller until they were almost above Laura's head. It was almost hypnotic and when I went to bed that night and closed my eyes I saw myself swishing, swishing ...

We are enjoying such perfect weather for walking, I'm sure we'll be doing more bushwalks soon.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Please check for leeches. Glad you are enjoying. Would be interested in the swish swish location.