Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day, a day to appreciate my Mum, and a day for my family to appreciate me! Actually I find it is a day to appreciate my Mum and a day for me to appreciate my family. Not that my family haven't made me feel special, because they have.

This morning I was given
... a lovely heart necklace by Laura (from the school Mothers Day stall)
... yummy dark chocolate hazelnuts by Emily, she even made her own bag header using my stamps, so cute
... DVDs from Steve:
- Cranford
- Pleasantville
- The Ghost & Mrs Muir
- Mrs Miniver
and 5, count them, FIVE Toblerones (my favourites!)

So I am well set up to watch DVDs I will love, and eat chocolate (while wearing my new necklace)

And then at church the children all gave their mums a sweet posy of chrysanthemums (above).

Our plan was to drop in and visit my Mum (I will see her later in the week for a longer visit with more family) but Laura isn't feeling so good, she and I seem to have colds. So we came straight home from church. But this is what I'll be giving her when I see her (sshh don't tell)

A card

A chocolate "slider" - a nice way to package chocolate

and an album I've put together from our family holiday in the Blue Mountains last month. I searched high and low at the shopping centre to find something to give Mum, but didn't see anything. Then I remembered my plan to do an album. I hope she likes it. I like to make homemade gifts but I'm never sure what people will think of them.

Last night Emily made burritos for dinner, she did a great job. Today there are plenty leftover, so she and Steve are getting them ready , I can smell them now. Hmm hmm.
Lovely not to have to cook Sunday dinner. Thanks Em & Steve!

I hope you enjoy your Mothers Day!

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Hill upon Hill said...

Wish I could see the chocolate slider, I can't even see the header for my own blog....

Glad your mothers' day was so nice.