Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today I am ...

... reading: One Magic Square, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Romans 1-3, Real Life magazine

... buying: 1 olive green cardigan, 1 bag cow manure, 1 bag dolomite, 1 bag blood & bone, 1 bale sugar cane mulch, 1 trolleyful of groceries

... creating: a set of cards for the workshop I am teaching on Friday night; a scarf for Laura with pink and yellow bobbles, a food garden, a CD of my piano accompaniments for my recorder group

... eating: chocolate & macadamia muffins, beef stew, sweet potato, lemon slice, choc chip cookies

... organising: piano teaching supplies, craft supplies (some to sell second-hand on Saturday), family paperwork, winter clothes

... listening: Irish music, Mozart, woes and whines, giggles, sounds of two computer keyboards clicking as Steve and I are computing in the study

... busy.


Hill upon Hill said...

A busy day. Nice to be able to see it.

Emily said...

It sounds like a wonderfully full day! Hope it's blessed! :)